Web Advertising

Web advertising is the future of marketing a product to the general public. In the future, no longer will you have to see an ad for a product, remember it within ten seconds, get up from your seat and dial a phone number hoping the company has a twenty four hour staff and allows for credit card purchases. With web advertising, you will read a small banner, become interested, click on it and go to the web site. Several clicks later, without getting up from your chair or calling someone, you would have set up delivery for tomorrow for a product you wanted.

Doesn’t this all sound fantastic?

Of course it does. That’s what evolution is all about, change for the better. With web advertising, you will be able to buy the right amount of impressions from a website, knowing that that amount of people will see the ad. Unlike on TV, where you have no idea how many people have seen your product ad, with web advertising you have an exact number to work with.

On TV and magazines, companies buy ad space depending on how much space is available on the show or in the magazine. Usually during prime time, there is limited space because of the amount of high-end companies that want their ads there. The length of the show restricts ad space but on the Internet time doesn’t exist, only numbers do. You can buy 10,000 impressions on a website and you can be sure that that is the number of people who will see it regardless of how long it takes or what time of day it is. Ads can be bought on any website regardless of how big your company is, all you need is money. The programs do not limit your ads. On the web, all ads have equal treatment, something that doesn’t exist in offline media.

Soon most companies will realize the potential of web advertising and start putting their ads online. Multichannel marketing is the future of business and the Internet with its ever-growing audience can no longer be ignored.