Keeping Up with Changes

Humans have evolved over millions of years because one thing has always been constant, change. If we did not change the way we live and strive for better things, we wouldn’t have reached the advanced human civilization compared to a hundred years ago. Business works the same way except it doesn’t have the luxury of time. In business, things must change each year these days for it to be successful. If you are too slow, you will be left so far behind that the prospect of catching up would be obsolete.

These days, any companies that allow their think tanks to lie dormant for too long, especially in the age of dot com companies will find themselves either being downsized or closing their doors. Change in business plan or marketing plan every six months is essential. The attention span of humans is shrinking every day. To keep a product "fresh" in their minds requires constant marketing.

For businesses that rely on technologies, it’s even worse. With the computers changing speeds every other day, the consumer expects their services to become that much quicker. They no longer want to wait in lines to buy movie tickets; they would rather do it online where it takes them about ten minutes. A movie theater chain that doesn’t sell tickets online will come find their movie theaters with a lot more empty seats.

That’s where the small businesses have an advantage over their bigger brothers. A company with not a lot to lose can embrace change and technology much quicker than a company that has $200 billion dollars worth of stock out there. But the need to satisfy and keep the consumer coming back has begun to affect everyone. Even larger companies are changing their ways as quick as possible trying to keep up to par with their smaller competitors.

The best way to identify opportunities for change in your business is to hire a small staff and make it their job to put together plans as how to best change the company to keep the consumer happy today and in the future. For a smaller company, the owner of the company can himself plunge into the job of putting together plans as how to best change their business to suit the future.